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Business Law: Do Not Make Mistakes

Hello. When it comes to legal issues which may affect your business, you want to avoid making any kind of mistake. A mistake could prove to be extremely costly. This blog exists to give you the info you need to avoid trouble when it comes to navigating the world of business law. I'm not a professional business attorney, but I've spent a large chunk of the last couple of years researching this area of law. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it arms you with the knowledge you need to succeed when navigating legal problems. Thank you!


What Happens To A Family Business When You Divorce?

Ownership (either full or partial) of a business of any size is considered to be an asset in the legal sense. So what happens to a family business when you and your spouse decide to divorce? As it's considered to be an asset, it should be included in the division of assets triggered by the legal end of your marriage. How this asset is appropriately divided depends largely on your specific circumstances. Read More