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Business Law: Do Not Make Mistakes

Hello. When it comes to legal issues which may affect your business, you want to avoid making any kind of mistake. A mistake could prove to be extremely costly. This blog exists to give you the info you need to avoid trouble when it comes to navigating the world of business law. I'm not a professional business attorney, but I've spent a large chunk of the last couple of years researching this area of law. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it arms you with the knowledge you need to succeed when navigating legal problems. Thank you!


Family Law: All You Need to Know About a Prenup Agreement

Marriage is such a long-term commitment, and you shouldn't get into it blindly. Ideally, you should prepare well before you settle down with someone. One of the ways you can do that is by drafting a prenuptial agreement. The agreement outlines how you will share property, debt, custody and other assets during the marriage and in case of a split.  There are essential things to know about the advantages of a prenup if you are thinking of making one with your future partner. Read More